photo of SpectraCore 180 LED Soft Light


Ultrawide Spectrum Lighting at 98 CRI Without the Damaging Effects of UV or IR Energy

Designed and Engineered by ColorBurst Systems

Accurate color is at the core of everything we do.

The quality of light determines the accuracy of your captured color. The SpectraCore LED soft light was designed with custom LED phosphors to provide the most accurate color capture possible.

SpectraCore is ideally suited for Fine Art Reproduction and Cultural Heritage Imaging.

Ultra High Color Rendering Index (CRI) Values

A high CRI of 98 (Ra) means SpectraCore has an excellent response over the entire visible color spectrum. The most challenging colors for most LED lights are R9 (red) and R12 (blue). As you can see in the chart here, SpectraCore achieves values of 96 and 92, respectively.

Natural Viewing Temperature

Single color LEDs offer a higher level of color accuracy than blended LED lighting. SpectraCore 180 is a single source LED light at 5000 kelvin, which offers a very balanced light— neither warm nor cool. This “neutral daylight” color temperature is visually accurate, even in reds and blues. An added benefit is that 5000K is the graphic arts viewing standard, so the SpectraCore 180 can also be used for proofing, when dimmed to 2000 lux @ 1 meter.

Low Operating Temperature

LED cores typically operate at 210°F. The SpectraCore 180 core was designed to operate at a significantly lower temperature, typically 150-160°F. This extends the operating life and working conditions of the LEDs. It also assures that there will be minimal temperature radiated to the ambient environment, making this ideal for photographing rare and fragile art work.

Uniform Lighting

SpectraCore 180 offers very even lighting throughout, with no hot spots. It is extremely bright, measuring 5600 lux @ 1 meter (when not dimmed).

Flicker-Free, even when Dimmed

SpectraCore 180 features smooth flicker-free dimming from 5% to 100%, while maintaining the same CRI levels and color temperature (kelvin) at any brightness level. SpectraCore 180 does not use pulse-width modulation, which can cause flickering in many LED lights.

UL Listed

UL Listed in the US and Canada

SpectraCore 180 has been independently tested and certified for fire, electrical, and mechanical safety by UL.

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